Ofinno’s community commitment is rooted deep in our belief that together we can make positive changes. Our commitment to our community is right in our mission statement, as empowering mobile device users is key to driving progress.  We are committed to supporting organizations whose missions broadly range from entrepreneurial and technology education, to child well-being, to public health, and to organizing sporting events. Throughout the year, we dedicate time and energy to create positive change in our neighborhoods. We believe that investing our time and money into our community is one way to share our passion for Giving Ideas Value.

clinical-pic2We spend a portion of our time volunteering with community organizations through hands-on projects and advisory positions. We offer Free Technology Training to schools, universities, and government (e.g. USPTO). We commit a portion of our revenue to support grants, donations or other giving. We realize that our commitment is minor compared to the overall need; however, our goal is to inspire other businesses to adopt the mindset of service and community involvement.

Beyond our philanthropic endeavors, Ofinno aids the community and the world at large in a most profound way: by empowering mobile device users and the carriers that serve them, Ofinno affects positive change in productivity and personal enrichment as the world becomes more and more digitized.  Our innovations play a direct role in the capabilities and usability of mobile devices, and the future of wireless technology.  Our innovations provide a great splash of color to the digital landscape, and helps supercharge the world’s wireless connections.

Ofinno has become the trusted source of network innovation for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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