Multiple Transmission and Reception Point Architecture in 5G

8 Jan 2019

Herndon, VA – Fifth generation (5G) wireless networks are expected to support massive connectivity, high capacity, ultra-reliability and low latency. Such diverse use case scenarios require disrupting approaches for the realization of future 5G systems. It is envisioned that multiple transmission and reception points (multi-TRPs) will be vital in 5G in order to improve reliability, coverage, […]

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Ofinno Founder and CEO Esmael Dinan Talks to George Mason University

26 Nov 2018

Ofinno Technologies founder and CEO Esmael Dinan was recently featured in the 2018 George Mason University Electrical and Computer Engineering Fall Newsletter! He speaks about his time at Mason, how Ofinno Technologies came to be, and patentability. Read the full newsletter here. Interested in learning more about what Ofinno does? Follow us on Linkedin for […]

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Ofinno Technologies Receives Moxie Award for Boldness in Technology

8 Nov 2018

Ofinno Technologies announced this week that they have received a Moxie Award at the 2018 Annual Moxie Award Event in Virginia. Herndon, VA – Ofinno Technologies, a leading innovator of wireless and network technologies, announced this week that they have received a Moxie Award for Boldness in Business in the Technology category. This year’s Moxie […]

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Peyman TalebiFard PhD, Launches SlideShare for Net-Centric’s 20th Annual International Conference on Next Generation Internet and Related Technologies

28 Aug 2018

Peyman TalebiFard PhD, Senior Technical Staff at Ofinno Technologies LLC, created a SlideShare for Net-Centric’s 20th Annual International Conference on Next Generation Internet and Related Technologies. The conference took place on January 16th, 2018 at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. Ofinno’s presentation provided a comprehensive overview of 3GPP packet core and 5G communication systems. […]

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Ofinno’s Senior Researcher, Kyungmin Park, Publishes Article for EDN Network

21 Jun 2018

Recently, Ofinno’s Senior Researcher, Kyungmin Park created an article for EDN Network on the ways in which 5G can reduce data transmission latency. EDN Network released the article on May 14, 2018. EDN Network is an electronics community, providing information and tools designed to help engineers turn ideas into reality. Using the example of autonomous […]

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Ofinno Technologies Hosts an Internet of Things Workshop

26 Apr 2018

Ofinno Press Release: Internet of Things Workshop Herndon, VA – April 26th, 2018, Ofinno Technologies, LLC, partnered with wireless technology experts to host an Internet of Things (IoT) workshop. The workshop consisted of industry experts in the fields of 5G Core Networks, 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN), Intellectual Property Rights, and Emerging Wireless Communication technologies. […]

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Ofinno Recognized At Corporate Culture Awards 2018

29 Mar 2018

CEO Report recognized the area’s top companies at the 2018 Corporate Culture Awards, which took place at the Blind Whino SW Arts Club. CEO Report received nominations across Greater Washington, D.C. region for the award. “Our 2018 Corporate Culture Award winners understand that work-life balance is more than just a fad. It is the key to a creating a […]

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V2X Communications White Paper Released

2 Mar 2018

Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications technologies company, announced today the release of their Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications whitepaper. Ofinno’s whitepaper outlines essential requirements and key features for V2X technology implementation. The whitepaper also emphasizes representative use cases and market demands of V2X communication systems. “Cellular V2X is a vital technology that improves driving safety and […]

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Ofinno Offers New Patent Portfolio for Sale

21 Nov 2017

Herndon, VA – Ofinno Technologies , LLC, an innovator of wireless communications technologies, announced the availability of a new patent portfolio entitled “Advanced Cell-Site Gateway and Multicarrier Transmission” through TransactionsIP. The portfolio includes seven patents and five patent applications. The Patent portfolio is directed to wireless network technologies with a focus on enhanced cell-site gateway, […]

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Ofinno Technologies Expands Headquarters in Northern Virginia

13 Nov 2017

Ofinno Technologies announced today that they have expanded their office space in Herndon, Virginia to make room for newly hired researchers. The company has doubled its employee count since the beginning of 2017. Ofinno’s new researchers are developing advanced wireless technologies that provide noticeably better cellular network performance. “In response to the success of patent […]

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