Ofinno files over 100 patents on LTE-Advanced Pro Technologies

28 Aug 2017

Ofinno Technologies announced today that it has filed more than 100 patents on LTE-Advanced Pro Technologies. LTE-Advanced Pro is a natural evolution of Long Term Evolution (LTE), offering speeds of up to multiple Giga bits per second over cellular wireless networks. Wireless vendors and service operators are implementing LTE-Advanced Pro as part of the 5G […]

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Ofinno Adds Weihau Qiao To Team

2 Aug 2017

Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications research company, announced hiring Weihua Qiao, former 3GPP Core Network and Terminals Working Group 3 (CT WG3) Chairman and a 3GPP Standards expert. Weihua will play a central role in the company’s development of important 5G networking technologies. Weihua has 17 years of experience developing communication systems from 3G […]

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Mission Critical Services: Pushing the LTE Limits to Save Lives

22 May 2017

  Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications technologies company, announced today the release of their Mission Critical Services whitepaper. Mission Critical Services (MSC) ensure the reliability of wireless communications services used for public safety by first responders such as police, firefighters, and medical emergency personnel.  Mission critical services include mission critical push to talk (MCPTT) […]

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Enhanced carrier aggregation means better device performance

20 Apr 2017

There are all kinds of technologies used to increase network performance.  With today’s high demand users, the drive to better, more efficient networks has never been stronger.  Though there are many very interesting innovations, the end result must be the same: a better user experience for device users.  When the user has a better experience, […]

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5G Coming To Your Neighborhood

18 Apr 2017

New Radio (NR) is a study item in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network (3GPP TSG RAN) focusing on a new Radio Access Technology (RAT) for the 5th Generation (5G) cellular communications systems. Together with the next generation core network (NextGen Core), NR fulfills requirements set forth by the International […]

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Wi-Fi and LTE-Unlicensed – Can They Peacefully Coexist?

17 Apr 2017

The rapidly growing demand of wireless network services has led the mobile network operators (MNOs) to consider the possibility of exploring unlicensed spectrum to offload the data traffic from the licensed bands. Most recently, 3GPP and other industry alliances are considering extending LTE into the unlicensed spectrum to offload part of the LTE data traffic. […]

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Ofinno Announces the Release of Their New Radio for 5G Whitepaper

29 Mar 2017

Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications technologies company, announced today the release of their New Radio for 5G whitepaper. Ofinno’s whitepaper outlines key design principles and technology components for New Radio for 5G. The whitepaper also highlights the features that distinguish this new technology from prior RATs developed by the 3GPP. “Standardization of the next […]

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Vehicle Data Transmission System

1 Mar 2017

Ofinno announces the availability of a “standard essential” Vehicle Communications patent portfolio   Ofinno Technologies, LLC, an innovator of wireless communications technologies, announced today the availability of a “standard essential” Vehicle Transmission System patent portfolio through TransactionsIP. The Vehicle Transmission System patent portfolio contains two issued US patents and one US application for the secure […]

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