Ofinno was founded to bring advanced wireless technology solutions to wireless technology communities.  Ofinno’s worldwide patent portfolio includes more than a hundred patent and patent applications in diverse wireless technology areas. With the rapid expansion of LTE and other wireless technologies worldwide, Ofinno’s intellectual property will provide critical advantages to wireless handset, infrastructure, component, and software developers. No matter how your company contributes to the wireless world, you benefit from our foundational technology solutions to build a great product.

Ofinno patent portfolios include patents and patent applications in key technologies such as Enhanced LAA, Internet of Things (IoT), New Radio for 5G, Mission Critical Services (MCS) , and Vehicle to Everything (V2X). Our patent program can be tailored toward your company’s specific technology needs. Depending on your product portfolio, you can take advantage of some or all of our patent portfolios.

With each inventive solution developed, the entire wireless industry grows stronger. We learn from the industry and we contribute back to it.  Everyone benefits from this synergy, and everyone is inspired to be a part of the wireless revolution.

Ofinno patent portfolios includes patents and patent applications in key technologies including:

  • IoT
  • Enhanced Carrier Aggregation
  • V2X
  • Mission Critical Services
  • Enhanced LAA
  • LTE-Advanced
  • Heterogeneous Networks
  • Carrier Aggregation
  • Optimized Mobile Applications
  • Network Signaling and Fast Handover
  • Beam forming
  • Power Management

A listing of Ofinno U.S. patents can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. For more information about our patents, please contact us at: ip@ofinno.com

Ofinno has become the trusted source of network innovation for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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