5G systems support vertical industries and applications. Vertical industries require specific latency, accuracy, reliability and availability.

Industrial IoT

5G system is extended to realize Industrial Internet of Things by supporting Time Sensitive Networking that is part of IEEE 802.1Q standards. Time Sensitive Networking enables time synchronization of devices, deterministic communication, and coexistence with best effort traffic .

Non-public Networks

The 5G non-public network as deployed on a factory, campus or an organization provides dedicated QoS, employs advanced security techniques, provides network isolation, and enhances network performance. Non-public networks may be deployed as standalone networks or coexist with public networks.

Virtual Network Group Communication

5G system supports virtual networks group communications by managing group identification and membership. 5G virtual network provides features and benefits of local area networks. In addition, 5G virtual networks integrate WLAN with cellular radio and support enhanced mobility.