You are a star! That’s not just a platitude, but it is the reality behind how we think of our team members. The innovators at Ofinno take great satisfaction in their work not just because they can imagine how it will impact the world around them, but because they can see the actual results.

When you join the Ofinno team, you are in charge of the entire innovative process from the time the technology is invented until the time it is sold. With other companies, the technology goes through so many hands from the time of invention to the time it is sold, it either doesn’t get implemented or it is changes significantly and the innovator is left behind. Big companies don’t want the engineers involved.

Ofinno empowers the inventors and team members end to end.

Imagine seeing your innovations, with your name on the patent, get implemented in some of the worlds largest networks, and the feeling of accomplishment and pride that will shine through.

When you are valued as an individual with personal goals and interests, you will not workingat2only thrive in your professional environment, but you’ll thrive in your life outside the office too. We understand how important it is to provide a balanced environment where work is both challenging and rewarding, with a path for advancement.

Ofinno provides a way for you to channel your personal goals and interests into your work, so you can feel what success really feels like.

What We Do

Ofinno has become the trusted source of network innovation for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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