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Portfolio Sales for Standard Essential Patents

Harness the Power of Technology and Intellectual Property for Strategic Advantage

At Ofinno, we sell our intellectual property to companies in the consumer electronics, automotive, and telecommunications industries—supplying them with the standard essential technology they need to continue bringing their products to market.

The first patented technology that Ofinno ever sold was for a secure wireless mobile payment system that can be found in smartphones across the world today. We’ve since shifted our focus on standardized technologies used in wireless communication and media compression. More than a decade later, our high-quality standard essential patents are continuing to fuel global innovation.

An Extensive Portfolio to Bridge IP Gaps

Unlike other technology research labs, most of Ofinno’s high-quality standard essential patents are for sale. Strategic portfolio diversification and access to our expertise can help you adapt to changing market conditions and focus on your core competencies.

Nearly all of our patents are developed in-house using a unique cross-functional method. Our technical researchers are trained in the nuances of patent law and collaborate closely with our technically trained in-house legal team in drafting patents. This unique approach to collaborative patent generation leads to the development of highly defensible patents that are available to help reduce risk—and guard against future costs.

Ofinno’s Step-by-Step Portfolio Sales Process


Step 1: Initial Assessment

You’ll start by conducting an initial assessment of Ofinno’s portfolio based on  Ofinno’s provided asset listing.

Step 2: NDA and In-Depth Due Dilligence

After putting an NDA in place, you can perform in-depth due diligence on Ofinno’s portfolio with the aid of Ofinno’s comprehensive SEP family analysis documents which include an overview of the relevant technology, patent family tree, standard claim chart mapping, and more. Ofinno’s legal and technical teams are also available throughout your review to answer questions.

Step 3: Patent Family Selection and Pricing

Next, you can select one or more patent families for purchase and request pricing information. Ofinno will provide pricing guidance with an itemized quote for each patent family.

Step 4: Complete Transaction

Lastly, we will work together to put a patent purchase agreement in place for your selected sales units. Ofinno also offers optional consulting services to provide you with continued support from our technical experts.