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Patent Licensing

Paving the Way for Accessible Innovation

At Ofinno, we’re at the forefront of innovation, licensing our cutting-edge standard essential technologies and intellectual property with partners worldwide—fueling the creation of devices that connect people every day.

Leading industry innovators like smartphone, network infrastructure, automobile, Internet of Things (IoT), consumer and medical device manufacturers, and network service providers all turn to Ofinno for the high-quality patents they need to continue serving the world with their products and services.

Our extensive patent portfolio—developed over the better part of the past two decades—is a result of the expert research performed by our 5G/6G, Next-Gen Wi-Fi, and advanced media compression teams. Their close collaboration with our in-house patent attorneys ensures a seamless journey from idea inception to innovation, culminating in patents of the highest defensibility.

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Patent applications filed for new inventions in 2023
Patent families across Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Media Compression technologies as of 2023