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Meet the People Empowering Innovators

Esmael Dinan

Founder and CTO

Elizabeth McGuirk

Operations Manager

Ali Cagatay Cirik, PhD

Technical Director, Senior Principal Engineer

Kyungmin Park, PhD

Research Manager, Senior Principal Engineer

SungDuck Chun, MBA

Research Manager, Principal Engineer

Hua Zhou, PhD

Senior Principal Engineer

Stanislav Filin, PhD

Senior Staff Engineer

Tuncer Baykas, PhD

Senior Technical Staff

Serhat Erkucuk, PhD

Senior Technical Staff

Hsin-Hsi Tsai, Ms

Senior Engineer

Jeongki Kim, MS

Technical Director, Senior Principal Scientist

Chao Cao, PhD

Senior Video Compression Software Engineer

Damian Ruiz Coll, PhD

Principal Scientist - Video Coding

Leonardo Lanante, PhD

Senior Technical Staff

Jiayi Zhang, PhD

Senior Technical Staff

Yasser Mourtada

IP Director for Next-Gen Wi-Fi, Senior IP Counsel

Willis Chang

IP Director for VC, Senior Patent Agent

Jacob Mangan

IP Director for 5G/6G, Senior IP Counsel

Kim Ashwell

Senior Patent Paralegal - Filing Team

Chloe Grewe

Senior Patent Paralegal - Filing Team

Ericka Medina

Paralegal Manager - Filing Team, Finance & Accounting Manager

Peter Flanagan

SEP Portfolio Manager, Senior IP Counsel

Satomi Wolf

Senior Patent Paralegal - Docketing Team