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Jeongki Kim

Technical Director, Senior Principal Scientist

Jeongki Kim joined Ofinno in May 2021 and is currently Technical Director (Senior Principal Scientist) of Next-Generation(NG) Wi-Fi team. In Ofinno, he’s developing PHY/MAC technologies for next-generation Wi-Fi systems in IEEE 802.11 standards (e.g., IEEE 802.11be, IEEE 802.11bn, etc.), is a delegate of IEEE 802.11 standards and is leading the NG Wi-Fi Team. He’s a co-chair of MAC Ad-Hoc group in IEEE 802.11be task group since November 2019 and a co-chair of MAC Ad-hoc group in IEEE 802.11bn task group since January 2024.

Prior to joining Ofinno, he held the position of Principal Engineer and was the leader of Wi-Fi MAC part at Advanced Standard Lab of CTO division in LG Electronics, and was an IEEE standard delegate in IEEE 802.16e, 16m, 16p/16.1b and IEEE 802.11ah, ai, ax, ba, be since 2005. He focused on researching and developing PHY/MAC technologies in the wireless communication systems (IEEE standards) and has contributed over three hundreds IEEE technical contributions and documents in the IEEE standards.

He has over several hundreds granted US patent applications and over one hundred pending US patent applications. He received M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), Pohang, South Korea in 2005.