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empowering innovators

Ofinno is a research and development lab that specializes in inventing and patenting future technologies. Here, the road from dreaming to doing is incredibly precise, circumscribed by years of hard work and constant reevaluation. What separates dreamers from doers is an exquisite skill set, a proven process, and, ultimately, a commitment to implementing real change. The passion of our innovators drives our success.

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focused invention

It all begins with “what if?” What if we all can communicate better, have more free time, let machines take on menial tasks—in short, ensure that advances in technology make for a better world. Precisely what Ofinno provides.

patents for those driving new technologies

As Ofinno remains true to the original intent of patents—to foster and protect innovation—we bring renewed meaning to the term incubator.

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how we build our portfolios

The rigorous scrutiny that every potential patent undergoes is just one of the reasons for our astounding utilization rate of 67%.

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