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Your X factor

Ofinno supercharges existing technologies. With an astounding 67% implementation rate for its patents, Ofinno has become a trusted source of innovation for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

our technologies

Our Point of View on Invention

When an innovation is developed, it must be both useful and novel. With this in mind, the people inventing technologies at Ofinno are also the people in charge of the entire process, from the idea, through design, right up until the technology is sold. Our innovators are the stars creating ways to make product and service providers more successful and end users happier.

Our research focuses on fundamental enhancements, including improving LTE-Advanced performance, introducing IoT features, enabling New Radio for 5G, empowering 5G Core Networks, and connecting Vehicles to Everything. The result is a global patent portfolio that includes more than 950 patents and patent applications in diverse technology areas. With demand for connectivity ever increasing worldwide, Ofinno’s intellectual property will provide critical advantages to enterprises bringing outstanding services to their end users.

Explore Our Technologies

6G Innovation Lab

We’re inventing a new age of cellular technology—and rethinking what’s possible.

Next Generation Wi-Fi

Where will tomorrow’s Wi-Fi technologies take us? Ofinno’s technology research lab is inventing the future, today.

Advanced Media Lab

We’re creating compression technologies that will deliver higher resolution video and immersive media at unimaginable speeds.