Cutting edge wireless technologies

Ofinno develops wireless technologies that address some of the most important technological issues in today’s modern life.  Our wireless technology innovators create new technologies that have an astounding 67% utilization rate, producing tangible results for both wireless device users and carriers alike.  At Ofinno, the people inventing the technologies are also the people in charge of the entire process, from the idea, through design, right up until the technology is sold. Our innovators are the stars of the show that create ways to make carriers more successful and make end users happier with their devices.

Wide ranging innovations

Ofinno’s research focuses on fundamental issues such as improving LTE-Advanced performance, Heterogeneous Network Architecture, Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, Optimized Mobile Applications, Network Signaling, Handover Signaling, Beamforming Technologies, and Power Management. Our team of scientists and engineers seek to empower mobile device users, and the carriers that serve them, through cutting edge network performance innovations.

Working at Ofinno

You are a star! That’s not just a platitude, but it is the reality behind how we think of our team members. The innovators at Ofinno take great satisfaction in their work not just because they can imagine how it will impact the world around them, but because they can see the actual results.
When you can see your innovations, with your name on the patent, get implemented in some of the worlds largest networks, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in your work shines through.


How we are different

Ofinno has become the trusted source of network innovation for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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