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Shaping a Better World

We believe empowering users of new technologies drives progress. That empowerment can take many forms, from education to child well-being to organizing sporting events. Our passion is reflected in the time and money Ofinno invests in our community, both as an enterprise and through the actions of individuals.

Many Forms of Service

Through hands-on community projects and advisory positions, we volunteer our time. Schools, universities, and government (e.g. USPTO) benefit from the free technology training we provide. And we annually commit a portion of our revenue to support grants, donations or other giving. We realize that, compared to the need, our commitment can seem inconsequential; yet we seek to inspire other businesses to adopt the Ofinno mindset of service and community involvement. These philanthropic endeavors are the perfect analog to the way our innovations, brought to life within the products of our clients, enrich the world.