You want smart vehicles. We are bringing the next big thing in the transportation industry to keep your vehicles connected. Drive safe, drive effortlessly. >>

Enhanced Carrier Aggregation

You want a faster experience using your wireless device. We unite carriers to deliver you the best with less power consumption, stronger signals, and higher throughput. >>


You want ubiquitous public safety. We enable providing direct view and aid to critical situations by keeping alive the critical communications. >>

New Radio for 5G

You want connectivity everywhere. We supercharge wireless networks and enable a seamlessly connected society that brings together people along with things, data, applications, and systems. >>

Enhanced LAA

You want higher upload and download rates. We transform the potentials of the unlicensed bands into reality, so your cellular operator can meet the ever-increasing data traffic demand. >>

Think of all the power within you

History does not just happen. It is made by people with vision and drive to make their mark. Today, we are revolutionizing 5G to make a better planet by people like you.

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