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There are all kinds of technologies used to increase network performance.  With today’s high demand users, the drive to better, more efficient networks has never been stronger.  Though there are many very interesting innovations, the end result must be the same: a better user experience for device users.  When the user has a better experience, they are happier, they remain a customer longer and are more willing to pay premiums for the enhanced experience.

Enhanced Carrier Aggregation (eCA) in LTE Advanced Pro will create the best throughput in history, ultimately leading to excellent user experiences.

eCA provides aggregation of up to 32 licensed and licensed assisted access (LAA) carriers providing an aggregate maximum throughput in the range of 25Gbps right into your smartphones and other wireless devices.

Ofinno has been a leader in developing advanced algorithms for eCA. Ofinno has filed 48 US Patent Applications and 8 PCT patent applications on enhanced Carrier Aggregation. Most of these patents are identified as standard essential patents.

Recently Ofinno received two Notice of Allowances for two of its US patent applications. One of the patents is essential for implementing additional control channels to support up to 32 component carriers. The patent enhances power control mechanisms when the so called Physical Uplink Control Channel groups are configured. The second patent enables Media Access Control (MAC) signaling when up to 32 carriers are configured to increase air interface throughput in eCA.