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Ofinno Technologies announced today that it has filed more than 100 patents on LTE-Advanced Pro Technologies. LTE-Advanced Pro is a natural evolution of Long Term Evolution (LTE), offering speeds of up to multiple Giga bits per second over cellular wireless networks. Wireless vendors and service operators are implementing LTE-Advanced Pro as part of the 5G wireless technology rollout.

“With today’s high demand users, the drive to better, more efficient networks have never been stronger. Though there are many very interesting innovations, the end result must be the same: a better user experience for device users.” said Esmael Dinan, President and CEO of Ofinno. “When the user has a better experience, they are happier, they remain a customer longer, and are more willing to pay for the enhanced experience.”

LTE-A Pro aggregates up to 32 licensed and licensed assisted access (LAA) carriers to provide an increased throughput of 25Gbps into users smartphones and other wireless devices. LTE-A Pro systems utilize significantly higher frequency bands than previous releases of LTE technology.

“Ofinno has been a leader in developing advanced processes for LTE-A Pro. We have filed more than 100 US Patent Applications and 20 international patent applications on various aspects of LTE-A Pro. Most of these patents are identified as standard essential patents.” stated David Grossman, Vice President of Intellectual Property.

Ofinno’s research and development projects on LTE-A Pro build the foundation for 5G New Radio and Core Network technologies. Ofinno, with its advanced wireless research team, is positioned to play an important role in developing various aspects of 5G technologies.

About Ofinno:

Ofinno develops wireless technologies that address some of the most important technological issues in today’s modern life. Our wireless technology innovators create new technologies that have an astounding 67% utilization rate, producing tangible results for both wireless device users and carriers alike. At Ofinno, the people inventing the technologies are also the people in charge of the entire process, from the idea, through design, right up until the technology is sold. Ofinno’s research focuses on fundamental issues such as improving LTE-Advanced performance, Mission Critical Services, Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, New Radio for 5G, V2X, IoT, and Power Management. Our team of scientists and engineers seek to empower mobile device users, and the carriers that serve them, through cutting edge network performance innovations.
Ofinno is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. For more information, visit

Originally seen at PRWeb.