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Featured Issued Patent

Docket No.: 18-1001U2
Lead Inventor: Peyman Talebi Fard

U.S. Patent No. 11,477,693, titled “Establishing a Session with a User Plane Function Supporting Uplink Classifier Functionality,” was issued on October 18, 2022

A session management function sends, to a network repository function, a first message requesting discovery of a user plane function supporting an uplink classifier functionality for a packet data unit session of a wireless device. The first message comprises an uplink classifier indication parameter. based on the first message, a second message comprising an identifier of the user plane function is received from the network repository function. A third message requesting a connection for the wireless device, between the session management function and the user plane function, is sent to the user plane function.

Featured Filed Patent

Docket No.: 21-1148U
Lead Inventor: Mohammad Ghadir Khoshkholgh Dashtaki

U.S. Patent Application No. 17/970,719, titled “Two-Step Random Access Procedure with Discontinuous Reception,” was filed on October 21, 2022

A wireless device receives one or more configuration parameters indicating one or more radio network temporary identifiers (RNTIs) to monitor, via downlink control channels, during an active time of DRX operation. The wireless device selects, for transmission of a message-A of a random access procedure, one or more resources, where the message-A comprises a preamble and a payload and the payload comprises a C-RNTI. The wireless device starts a response window based on transmitting the preamble via at least one resource of the one or more resources. Based on dropping transmission of the payload and during the response window, the wireless device monitors the downlink control channels for a first RNTI, where the first RNTI is associated with a response to the preamble and determined based on the at least one resource, and does not monitor the downlink control channels for the one or more RNTIs.

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