November Issued Patent of the Month

Docket No.: 18-1020U

Lead Inventor: Kyungmin Park

U.S. Patent No. 10,834,761, titled “Cell Uplink Selection Control,” issued on November 10, 2020. A wireless device receives at least one message from a base station. The at least one message comprises uplink configuration parameters for a cell of the base station. The uplink configuration parameters indicate: a first uplink; a second uplink; and a power value for selecting one of the first uplink and the second uplink. The wireless device determines a scaled power value based on: the power value; and a moving speed of the wireless device. The wireless device selects as a selected uplink, one of the first uplink and the second uplink based on the scaled power value. The wireless device transmits a random access preamble via the selected uplink.

November Filed Patent of the Month

Docket No.: 19-1144U

Lead Inventor: Yunjung Yi

U.S. Patent Application No. 17/089,657, titled “Sidelink Scheduling Request in a Wireless Network,” was filed on Nov. 4, 2020. A wireless device transmits, one or more radio resource control (RRC) messages indicating assistance information for a sidelink operation. The assistance information indicates: an identifier indicating a logical channel associated with a sidelink traffic; and one or more periodicities associated with the logical channel. In response to the assistance information, one or more second RRC messages indicating one or more configured grant configurations determined based on the one or more of periodicities of the logical channel is received. The wireless device triggers, a transmission of a buffer status report in response to sidelink data of the logical channel becoming available. A scheduling request (SR) is transmitted. In response to the SR: the transmission of the buffer status report is cancelled; and one or more activation commands indicating activation of the one or more configured grant configurations is received.

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