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Hyukjin Chae



In the existing wireless communication systems, it has been studied about how quickly and how many packets could be delivered in time to how many devices. Beyond fifth generation (B5G) or sixth generation (6G) wireless communication systems can operate as a sensor for recognizing surrounding environments or objects as well as for delivering packets.

What’s inside:

If two different systems; the communication system and the sensing system are integrated, new opportunities and new design issues can arise. This paper explores integrated communication and sensing (ICS) technologies for B5G or 6G wireless communication systems. New applications, key technology enablers, their underlying challenges, and design issues for ICS systems are summarized. Contents of this article are divided into two parts. This is the first part which summarizes key drivers and relevant applications of ICS. The second part will summarize technical challenges and system design for ICS.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about:

  • Key drivers of ICS including:
    • Limitation on existing sensing systems
    • Spectrum utilization
    • Larger bandwidth in 5G/6G
  • ICS applications including:
    • Activity Classification
    • Gesture Recognition
    • People Counting
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