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Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications technologies company, announced today the release of their New Radio for 5G whitepaper.

Ofinno’s whitepaper outlines key design principles and technology components for New Radio for 5G. The whitepaper also highlights the features that distinguish this new technology from prior RATs developed by the 3GPP.

“Standardization of the next generation radio access technology is ongoing in 3GPP. This paves the way for a new series of 3GPP technical specifications that fulfill 5G requirements,” said Alireza Babaei, senior technical staff at Ofinno. “Integration of millimeter wave spectrum along with other technologies such as ultra-reliable low-latency and massive machine-to-machine applications will enhance the mobile broadband experience.”

The forward compatibility of New Radio ensures a smooth introduction of future services and features, while still enabling efficient access of earlier services and wireless devices. The frame structure for the 5G NR is applicable to side link applications and supports paired and unpaired as well as licensed and unlicensed spectrums. This frame structure allows the 5G NR to achieve the low latency requirement by minimizing the latency over the radio link.

“Our research and development team implements the next generation of technologies for mobile communications which position us at the forefront of 5G developments. This whitepaper describes the future of mobile broadband,” added Esmael Dinan, President and CEO of Ofinno.

When compared to previous generations of cellular communications systems, the 5G system utilizes much higher frequency bands. By operating at a higher frequency, the 5G system enables extended ranges for point-to-point communication links.

“Ofinno never stops innovating. We believe our 5G technologies are so innovative that we want the world to know about them even before they are published by patent offices around the world. We are committed to helping the communication industry by openly publishing our patent applications,” said David Grossman, VP of Intellectual Property.

Ofinno employs a team of well-educated, experienced scientists and engineers to handle the entire design process, from concept to completion. The company’s intellectual property provides enterprises with the tools necessary to provide the latest technologies to their end users. Ofinno’s global patent portfolio includes over three hundred patents and patent applications.

About Ofinno:

Ofinno develops wireless technologies that address some of the most important technological issues in today’s modern life. Our wireless technology innovators create new technologies that have an astounding 67% utilization rate, producing tangible results for both wireless device users and carriers alike. At Ofinno, the people inventing the technologies are also the people in charge of the entire process, from the idea, through design, right up until the technology is sold. Ofinno’s research focuses on fundamental issues such as improving LTE-Advanced performance, Mission Critical Services, Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, New Radio for 5G, V2X, IoT, and Power Management. Our team of scientists and engineers seek to empower mobile device users, and the carriers that serve them, through cutting edge network performance innovations.

Originally seen at PRWeb.