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Tuncer Baykas

Senior Technical Staff

The IEEE 802 LMSC Wireless Interim Session in Hawaii occurred between 11th and 16th of September. The IEEE 802.11 Working Group for Wireless Area Networks (WLANs), IEEE 802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), IEEE 802.18 Technical Advisory Group for Radio Regulatory (R-REG), IEEE 802.19 Working Group for Wireless Coexistence (COEX), and IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications Technical Advisory Group sessions were co-located. At the meeting, a joint opening session with the Working Groups and the Technical Advisory Group took place. If you couldn’t attend, the Ofinno Next-Gen Wi-Fi team has summarized the achievements of each task group below.

802.11 Task Group ME Maintenance/Revision completed letter ballot 258 comment resolutions and approved recirculation letter ballot on the new draft D2.0. Groups confirmed an ad hoc meeting on December 7-9, 2022 in the New York area.

802.11 Task Group AZ Next Generation Positioning (NGP) reviewed and approved resolutions to all comments received as part of 2nd recirculation ballot and reviewed and approved Report to EC on Approval to go to REVcom. The group endorsed a proposal for future projects to develop 320MHz Bandwidth Ranging, which was approved by the working group.

802.11 Task Group BB Light Communications (LC) reviewed and approved resolutions to all comments received as part of the recirculation ballot. Motions to start a 15-day recirculation ballot and to start conditional SA ballot once D4.0 WG ballot recirculation finished were passed in the working group.

802.11 Task Group BC Enhanced Broadcast Services resolved all comments received from the latest letter ballot and a motion to start SA ballot was approved.

802.11 Task Group BD Next Generation Vehicular resolved all comments from the third SA Ballot and a 10-day SA Ballot was approved from September 21 to September 30, 2022. WG also approved the request to EC for conditionally forwarding 11bd draft to RevCom with a corresponding report.

802.11 Task Group BE Extremely High Throughput continued to resolve comments and aims to have a recirculation ballot in November 2022. They will hold a MAC ad hoc meeting in Bangkok.

802.11 Task Group BF WLAN Sensing continued to resolve comments and aims to have initial letter ballot in November 2022.

802.11 Task Group BH Randomized and Changing MAC is finalizing the first draft and aims to start initial letter ballot in November 2022.

802.11 Task Group BI Enhanced Data Privacy completed the review of proposals and called for technical submissions, working toward an initial draft in March of 2023.

There are two active technical interest groups (TIG). The goal of the Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML) TIG is to produce a technical report that studies the artificial intelligence use cases suitable for IEEE 802.11 as well as the technical feasibility and standard impact of these use cases. The Ambient Power (AMP) TIG will address the problem of support of Ambient Power communication within 802.11 networks.

In addition, Ultra High Reliability is a new Study Group within the IEEE 802.11 working group that will investigate PHY and MAC technologies to improve reliability of WLAN connectivity, reduce latencies, increase manageability, increase throughput including at different SNR levels and reduce device level power consumption. The intention is to lead to the creation of a task group with a target start in May 2023.

For more information on the IEEE 802 LMSC Wireless Interim Session, click here.