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The 5G system achieves a breakthrough increase in the key performance indicator of communication systems, compared to the previous generation 4G system. In addition, the 5G system introduced new functionalities supporting various emerging application scenarios. Based on the success of the 5G system, the 6G system is likely to emerge around the end of 2020s. There are many ongoing activities to define requirements of the 6G system. Recently, 3GPP SA1 started various studies for Rel-19 5G systems. The outcome of the Rel-19 may not only show the additional capability that the 5G system will bring, but also provide guidance on what future the 6G system needs to be capable of. In this whitepaper, the ongoing areas of the Rel-19 studies are discussed.

What’s inside:

In this whitepaper, we review the recent 3GPP studies ongoing for Rel-19. The Rel-19 studies are expected to accelerate the integration of various industries with 3GPP technologies, allowing ubiquitous connectivity. This will provide a basic ground future 6G systems will be based on.

Key topics covered in this whitepaper:

  • Overall Rel-19 Stage-1 Status
  • Integrated Sensing and Communication
  • Ambient Power-Enabled IoT
  • Localized Mobile Metaverse Services
  • AI/ML Model Transfer
  • Upper Layer Traffic Steering, Switching & Split Over Dual 3GPP Access
  • Study on Energy Efficiency as Service Criteria
  • Study on Satellite Access – Phase 3
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