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Reston, VA (PRNewswire) – 04 February 2020

Ofinno, LLC announced that employee headcount has increased by over 30% each year over the past 5 years, with an average year-over-year increase of 56%. This surge was the result of an expanded demand for innovation. Much of the increase was related to the hiring of PhD researchers. Ofinno continues to project record growth in 2020 and beyond as the core company research area expands from wireless to video compression. This new technological focus was the result of a specific client demand.

“Ofinno is excited to have had the ability to grow at such a fast rate. Our team is eager to continue developing next generation wireless technologies as well as branch into the video compression space. We are now well equipped to do both,” said Esmael Dinan, Founder and CEO of Ofinno, LLC.

Ofinno has attracted a significant amount of talent as a result of their innovative culture and work environment.  Some of the many employee perks include unlimited PTO, free healthcare for employees and their families, free lunch daily, on-site state of the art gym, and 6% 401k match with immediate vesting.  In addition, the collaborative relationship between the inventors and legal team fosters a uniquely inventive, productive organization.  The result is a global patent portfolio that includes more than 1,200 patents and patent applications in diverse technology areas, of which approximately 50% are deemed standard essential.

About Ofinno, LLC

Ofinno, LLC, is a research and development lab based in Northern Virginia, that specializes in inventing and patenting future technologies. Ofinno’s researchers create technologies that address some of the most important issues faced by wireless device users and the carriers that serve them. Ofinno’s inventions have an impressive utilization rate. Ofinno’s research involves technologies such as 5G Radio and Core networks, IoT, V2X, and ultra-reliable low latency communications. Our innovators not only create the technologies, they oversee the entire process from the design to the time the technology is sold.  For more information about Ofinno, please visit