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Ofinno Technologies, LLC, a wireless communications technologies company, announced today the release of their Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications whitepaper.

Ofinno’s whitepaper outlines essential requirements and key features for V2X technology implementation. The whitepaper also emphasizes representative use cases and market demands of V2X communication systems.

“Cellular V2X is a vital technology that improves driving safety and traffic efficiency by enabling vehicles, roadside infrastructures, and pedestrians to communicate with each other,” said Kyungmin Park, Senior Technical Staff at Ofinno. “Dynamic interactions between traffic elements ultimately realize more reliable and safer autonomous driving.”

Despite unceasing efforts on vehicle safety and a large amount of investment on traffic systems, traffic fatalities and economic loss in transportation system are growing every year. Wirelessly connected vehicles communicating with other traffic elements save lives, reduce congestion, and lessen the negative impact of transportation environment.

“V2X technology deployment is essential in improving driving safety and traffic flow,” added Esmael Dinan, President and CEO of Ofinno. “Our research and development team implements the next generation of wireless technologies which position us at the forefront of V2X implementation in LTE-Advanced and 5G wireless networks. This whitepaper describes the future of mobile broadband.”

Compared to previous V2X technologies, which requires roadside units, the cellular based V2X system utilize already deployed LTE infrastructures. The existing enormous coverage of cellular networks enables the V2X technology to spread out to rural and urban areas at a low installation cost.

Ofinno employs a team of well-educated, experienced scientists and engineers to handle the entire design process, from concept to completion. The company’s intellectual property provides enterprises with the tools necessary to provide the latest technologies to their end users. Ofinno’s global patent portfolio includes over five hundred patents and patent applications.

About Ofinno:

Ofinno develops wireless technologies that address some of the most important technological issues in today’s modern life. Our wireless technology innovators create new technologies that have an astounding 67% utilization rate, producing tangible results for both wireless device users and carriers alike. At Ofinno, the people inventing the technologies are also the people in charge of the entire process, from the idea, through design, right up until the technology is sold. Ofinno’s research focuses on fundamental issues such as improving LTE-Advanced performance, Mission Critical Services, Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, New Radio for 5G, V2X, IoT, and Power Management. Our team of scientists and engineers seek to empower mobile device users, and the carriers that serve them, through cutting edge network performance innovations.

Originally seen at PRWeb.