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Herndon, VA – Ofinno Technologies , LLC, an innovator of wireless communications technologies, announced the availability of a new patent portfolio entitled “Advanced Cell-Site Gateway and Multicarrier Transmission” through TransactionsIP. The portfolio includes seven patents and five patent applications.

The Patent portfolio is directed to wireless network technologies with a focus on enhanced cell-site gateway, multicarrier communication systems and handover mechanisms. These innovative technologies improve cellular data transmission. The patents advance the state of the art in carrier aggregation, mobile device handover in heterogeneous networks, and backhaul network architecture.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our latest patent portfolio for sale.” said Esmael Dinan, CEO and President at Ofinno Technologies. “The inventions contained in the Advanced Cell-Site Gateway and Multicarrier Transmission patents solve a number of technological issues faced by the wireless industry.”

“These patents cover important developments in handset and network interactions resulting faster and higher quality communications. Several of these patents cover technologies that have since been included in industry technology standards” said David Grossman, Vice President of Intellectual Property.

The portfolio is offered for sale by TransactionsIP, a leading intellectual property patent brokerage and consulting firm. “It is my pleasure to represent and work with Ofinno Technologies’ team. Their expertise in wireless communications and patent innovations has been excellent. We have collectively sold five portfolios in the past three years.” said Rich Ehrlickman, President and CEO of TransactionIP. “What has allowed us to be very successful is the patent quality that Ofinno Technologies’ team has been able to provide.”

Ofinno Technologies, LLC creates technologies to address some of the most important issues faced by wireless device users and the carriers that serve them. Ofinno’s inventions have an impressive 67% utilization rate and the company’s global patent portfolio includes over three hundred patents and patent applications. Bids are currently being accepted for Ofinno’s Advanced Cell-Site Gateway and Multicarrier Transmission portfolio.

About Ofinno Technologies, LLC

Ofinno Technologies, LLC creates wireless technologies, specially designed to solve a variety of issues faced by wireless device users. Ofinno’s research involves the improvement of LTE-Advanced performance, Hetereogenuous Network Architecture, Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, Optimized Mobile Applications, Network Signaling, Handover Signaling, Beamforming Technologies and Power Management. Our innovators not only create the technologies, they are in charge of the entire process from design to the time the technology is sold. For more information about Ofinno, please visit

About TransactionsIP

TransactionsIP offers intellectual property brokerage and consulting services to individuals, small companies and large enterprises. TransactionsIP represents both sellers and buyers of IP transactions. For more information about TransactionsIP, please visit

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