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5G—a perfect lab

Ofinno’s team of wireless experts identify and solve complex issues critical to the advancement of wireless communications technologies. Many of these innovations find their way into today’s mobile standards, including LTE, LTE-Advanced, and 5G. Our mobile communications research spans both radio-access and core network technologies.

Ofinno also researches problems and innovates solutions in several other emerging technologies. Whether it’s advances in beamforming, massive MIMO, millimeter waves and other breakthroughs that enable 5G, or solutions underlying the success of equally exciting technologies such as video compression and V2X, Ofinno provides a broad spectrum of innovation across a wide gamut of technical domains.

video—a better view

Ofinno’s expertise is leading the way into the world of immersive media, including augmented and virtual reality. Ofinno’s experts work on MPEG, Versatile Video Coding, 6 Degrees of Freedom, Genome Compression, Omnidirectional Media Format, Multi-Image Application format, Light Field Video, Point Cloud Compression, and Internet of Media Things. Our innovations in the video space complement our expansive wireless patent portfolios.

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